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Nutrition Classes

Learning Your Way to Health!

Learn the fundamentals of Whole Foods and Balanced Nutrition, focusing on nourishing the body while supporting everyday function. Learn how to improve health, increase energy, lose weight and reduce stress naturally. Enjoy this fun-filled, educational workshop where knowledge and understanding together create health and better living.

Create your own workshop amongst family and friends in your home and get yours free! With a group of 4 or more, host your personal Healthy Gourmet Nutrition Workshop, creating that fun, educational learning experience that everyone will enjoy.

Nutrition 101 - $99 - An enlightening 3 hr open-discussion Workshop

Nutrition Made Easy $159 - An in-depth series of two, fun-filled, 2.5 hr Workshops

*Workshops include complete Meals, Quick Reference Guides and over 70 Healthy Gourmet Recipes to try in your home. Classes are subject to 6 or more people.

Healthy Living Workshops

Knowledge - The Key to Understanding

These workshops are designed to facilitate healthy lifestyle development based on your specific needs and interests. By providing practical suggestions on how to make a lifestyle shift towards healthier eating and more balanced living, participants will leave with the knowledge and motivation to make positive changes in their lives.

Workshops may be individual topics or combined with 2 others. Nutritional literature, healthy snacks and refreshments are included.

Check out Workshops

Individual Workshop (1 topic) 1.5 hr - $35
Combined Workshop (3 topics) 2.5 hr - $55

Intro to Balanced Living - Body, Mind and You

Balanced Nutrition and Healthy Foods

Energy, Detoxification and Aging

Digestion – Getting Your Nutrients!

Nutrition for Children

Quick, Healthy Energy Snacks

*Classes are subject to a minimum of 6 people. Group Rates available for 8 or more

Class Topics

The Importance of Live Whole Foods
-Intro to the balanced nutrition and whole foods
-Guidelines to good health
-Nutritional guidelines to healthy digestion
-Juicing – Benefits and Tips

Digestion and Food Combining
-The Digestive System and its key functions
-How to optimize digestion through balanced nutrition and daily mindset
-Food Combining – 3 simple guidelines
-The wheat/gluten connection

Intestinal Health and Immunity
-Understanding the role of the Intestinal Track
-What you Eat is not always what you Get
-Immunity - our first line of defense
-Intestinal friendly foods
-Fiber at a glance

Healthy Whole Food Snack
-The importance of healthy snacks
-Healthy vs. Unhealthy snack foods
-Stimulants - the hidden effects
-Processed and refined foods

Balanced Meals – What to Eat When
-Balanced eating for balanced living
-Balanced eating essentials
-Our acid-alkaline balance
-Balanced living sample meal plan

Bring Nutrition into the workplace! Educate your team to become healthy, fit and feel great with a wide range of nutritional lectures and lunch n’ learns, or cater your next function with our healthy gourmet selection. – put link to catering page

The benefits of workplace wellness seminars are on the rise in North America today, as a healthy staff and environment are the key assets in a successful and productive business. By improving and increasing energy levels, productivity, employee morale and decreasing the number of sick days per year, the benefits to the individual and corporation are countless. Book yours today!