Benlan, Inc. offers a wide range of contract manufacturing services, from the supply of component parts to bulk non-sterile or finished, sterile, packaged and labelled products. We will work closely with you to develop a package of services tailored to your unique requirements, including manufacturing, assembly, packaging, support in regulatory compliance, and sterilization validations. Current medical devices that Benlan, Inc. manufactures include but are not limited to:

Open Line Suction Catheters
Open Line Suction Catheter Kits
Suction Instruments
Suction Tubes & Connectors
Suction Aspiration Sets & Curettes
Thoracic Catheters
Miscellaneous Suction Products

Suctions Products Listing >

Contrast Management / Multi Dosing Sets

Contrast Management Products Listing >

Contrast Management / Multi Dosing Sets
Intermittent Catheters
Cysto & TUR Irrigation Sets
Miscellaneous Urology Products

Urology Products Listing >

Standard PVC Feeding Tubes
Enteral Safe PVC Feeding Tubes
PVC Stomach Tubes
Enteral Safe Polyurethane Feeding Tubes
Feeding Kits
Feeding Extension Sets
Enteral Safe Feeding Syringes
Bowel Management Products

Enteral Feeding Products Listing >

Epidural Kits
Epidural Catheters, Needles & Accessories
Spinal Kits
Spinal Needles and Accessories
Universal Anesthesia Kits
Miscellaneous Anesthesia Products

Anesthesia Products Listing >

Dressing Trays
Wound Irrigation Trays & Accessories
Catherization & Irrigation Trays & Accessories
Dialysis Trays
Procedural Trays (minor laceration, suture, chest tube insertion)
OR PrepTrays
Tracheostomy Trays
Individual Packaged Instruments

Trays & Accessories Products Listing >

Airway Monitoring Lines
Anesthesia & PCA Pump Sets
IV Filters & Sets
Micro Bore Sets
Mini Bore Sets
Specialty IV Sets
Standard Bore Extension Sets
Miscellaneous IV Products

Fluid Administration Products Listing >

Insufflator Filters & Sets
Suction Instruments
Suction Tubes & Connectors
Suction Aspiration Sets & Curettes
Miscellaneous Suction Products
Cysto & TUR Irrigation Sets
Skin Prep & Minor Procedure Trays
Thoracic Catheters
Miscellaneous OR

Operating Room Products Listing >

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